Alterra's Tea Offerings

All true teas originate with the plant Camellia sinensis. The different varieties - black, green, oolong, and white - are the results of various processing methods, sources, and blends. We also offer a great selection of caffeine free herbal tisanes, made from combinations of leaves, flower petals, roots, and dried berries.

Black Teas

Black tea reigns as the most popular in Western culture, and it's a big hit here at Alterra, too. In general, it has a stronger flavor and higher levels of caffeine than other kinds of tea. Our selections represent some of the more traditional favorites among black tea lovers.

Organic Earl Grey - Fair Trade
A stalwart, traditional favorite, Earl Grey is one of the best-loved teas in the world. Ours is made with a choice blend of Fair Trade Certified Indian & Sri Lankan teas and is flavored with premium oil of bergamot.
Irish Breakfast Blend
Composed of strong, full-bodied teas from China & India, our Irish Breakfast is just like a tea you might sip while visiting the Emerald Isle. Milk and sugar are pleasing additions to the robust, malty flavor of this blend.
Inland Lake Pu-Erh
Pu-Erh is a fermented tea with a deep, earthy flavor. The Chinese treasure it as a wonder tonic, with its reputed benefits ranging from weight loss to digestive aid to anti-aging. In this blend, Pu-Erh is combined with peppermint, licorice, and cloves to produce a dark, strong cup with a glimmer of spice.

Oolong Tea

"The champagne of teas", oolong is the lightly fermented version of the tea plant.

Iron Goddess of Mercy Oolong
Oolongs fall between green and black teas in their levels of oxidation. Due to their complexity, they never lose appeal and are well-suited for a variety of different foods and occasions. This oolong steeps to a light golden color with the subtle sweetness of fruit and toasted grains. Legend has it that repeated infusions can be slightly intoxicating, so please be responsible.

White Tea

The least processed variety of tea, with even less caffeine than green tea. In a brief period of early spring, the slightly fuzzy buds of young tea bushes are plucked while the weather is still cool. These buds are then withered using a unique process that raises delicate silver hairs on the buds. It is the result of this process that lends its name to white tea.

Organic White Peony
A classic white tea from the Fujian Province in southeastern China, White Peony (Bai Mu Dan) is prized for its mild flavor, low astringency, and savory finish. It possesses a unique aroma similar to steamed bamboo and toasted nuts and is known to have even less caffeine than green tea, due to its unique processing and season of harvest.
Organic Rose Tea Mélange
This flowery blend is as lovely to view as it is to drink. It contains both white and green teas with a sprinkling of lavender, wild roses, and a breath of jasmine. In the cup, these flavors produce a soothing balance of botanicals and herbs with a refreshing hint of peppermint.
Ingredients: organic wild roses, organic white tea leaves, organic green tea leaves, organic peppermint, organic lavender flowers, organic jasmine flower

Green Tea

Green tea is especially popular for those seeking the potential health benefits of this antioxidant-rich drink. It is lower in caffeine than black teas and undergoes very little processing after it is plucked. A wide range of flavors can be found among green teas, from grassy to floral to vegetal.

Organic Jade Fire Green
Jade Fire Green is a rare premium tea from the Guanshan Organic Tea Farm in Hubei Province, China. As the hand-rolled pellets unfurl, they release an indescribably delicate flavor and the subtle aroma of fresh orchids. This tea is both elegant and satisfying.
Minty Green Blend
Refreshing and fragrant peppermint leaves are the perfect complement to the honey-wheat flavor of artfully toasted green tea. This is our take on a Moroccan classic that's great for everyday sipping.

Herbals (Tisanes)

Our tisanes and herbal blends contain combinations of leaves, berries, roots, seeds, and dried flower petals. None are made using actual tea leaves, therefore we refer to them as tisanes or herbal infusions. Each variety boasts its own distinct flavor.

Organic Tangerine Ginger
An array of botanicals creates complexity that ranges from spicy and sweet to tart and fruity. This blend includes rosehips, hibiscus, and shizandra berries for a lively scarlet cup that tastes great any time, day or night.
Ingredients: organic ginger, organic hibiscus, organic schizandra berries, organic licorice root, organic rosehips, organic orange peel, natural essential oils of orange and tangerine
Starfire Anise
This naturally sweet, spicy blend of our favorite herbs and spices mingles to create a tisane that's both gentle and invigorating.
Ingredients: star anise, chamomile, cinnamon, fennel, licorice root, orange peel, wild cherry bark, blackberry leaves, cloves, peppermint
Chamomile Lavender
Fruity Egyptian chamomile is blended with the delicate flavor of lavender to produce a cup that is sweet, golden, and lightly floral. Chamomile has long been known for its calming qualities and aids in digestion. Try it sweetened or enjoy its simplicity unfettered.
Organic Blueberry Rooibos - Fair Trade
Made from the leaves of a plant that grows exclusively in South Africa's Western Cape province, the nutty-flavored rooibos is often referred to as "red tea." It's packed with anti-oxidants and Vitamin C and blended with organic berries and flowers for a flavor that is bright, clean, and irresistibly juicy.
Ingredients: Fair Trade Certified organic rooibos, organic blueberries, organic schizandra berries, organic hibiscus, natural blueberry & strawberry flavors
Roasted Yerba Maté
Sharing a gourd of maté among friends is a common social practice in parts of South America. After experiencing the slightly mellow flavor of our Roasted Yerba Maté, you'll want to share it with your friends too. This invigorating beverage contains antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins, plus a boost of natural caffeine.


In India, the word for tea is "chai" and it is often enjoyed with milk and sweetener. The variety of spices blended to create chai teas vary, but overall they produce a drink that's soothing and sweet with a bit of spiciness. Our Organic chai tea blends use Fair Trade certified rooibos and black teas combined with a mix of organic spices that taste delicious steeped in milk or water.

African Chai
A caffeine-free herbal blend of chai spices and 100% Organic Rooibos. Alterra African Chai has a strong bodied flavor with a well balanced sweet and spicy character. It is perfect steeped in soymilk!
Organic Indian Traditional Chai
Our 100% Organic, hand blended Chai has robust body with a spicy and sweet flavor. Based on traditional South Indian blending methods and ingredients, Indian Traditional Chai should be infused strong and served sweet with steamed milk or cream.