As a locally-owned company, we recognize the importance of being active in our immediate community. The success and growth of our business over the years are due in a large part to the support and patronage we've received from our customers, so we continue to seek ways in which we can give back. In addition to making in-kind donations, we've formed long-term, unique partnerships with various non-profit groups - primarily in the performing arts and environmental, health and social advocacy. We channel our resources and efforts into these partnerships so that the recipient organizations benefit as well, rather than participate in direct marketing or advertising initiatives. Using creativity and collaboration, we are able to cultivate mutually beneficial relationships with groups that enrich our community.

The Pabst & Riverside Theaters

The Pabst and Riverside theaters add to the cultural vitality of downtown Milwaukee. These architectural gems had endured periods of relative decline until local philanthropists to put their efforts into renovations with accessibility and comfort in mind. Besides adding a wealth of historical, architectural, and decorative beauty to Milwaukee, the Pabst and Riverside theaters make a wide range of performances available to the community. Since late 2002, our partnership has evolved into a unique exchange of resources, allowing us to use cross-promotional publicity to reach wider audiences.

The Florentine Opera

The Florentine Opera Company is one of Wisconsin's oldest and most enduring performing arts organizations. As well as presenting three full performances each season, they are involved in community outreach and regional education programs. Our relationship with the Florentine represents one of our most successful partnerships yet. Since 2004, Alterra Coffee has joined the Florentine Opera each summer in presenting "Florentine at the Lake", a series of small-scale, outdoor performances at our lakefront café. This series allows the Florentine Opera to reach a diverse audience in a unique and accessible environment while sharing their talents with Alterra customers.

Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin

Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin distributes over 14 million pounds of food a year to meal programs, pantries, and other non-profit agencies in the eastern half of Wisconsin. Over 300,000 people depend on food supplied by the organization, and Alterra Coffee has found a way to help. In conjunction with Roundy's Supermarkets, we offer a selection of eight Fair Trade Certified and certified organic coffees to benefit Second Harvest. A $1 donation is made for each pound of Alterra coffee sold at a Roundy's store, which Feeding America can use to provide six meals to help support hunger relief.

Urban Ecology Center

The Urban Ecology Center (UEC) has provided environmental education, awareness, and protection to the Milwaukee area since 1991. This neighborhood-based, non-profit organization utilizes a 12-acre outdoor laboratory and resource center to host classes, lectures, nature-based outings, and a variety of other programs. Alterra supports the UEC by providing day-old bakery donations to children's programs at the center. Our involvement with UEC also helped us to form a relationship with Fratney School in Milwaukee's Riverwest neighborhood. Alterra has collaborated with a group of teachers to create a special curriculum that teaches 4th graders about coffee cultivation and processing and Fair Trade practices.

Other Alterra Community Partners

Discovery World
Our Milwaukee - Buy Local, Live Local
Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra
Growing Power
UW-Milwaukee Center for Latin American & Caribbean Studies
WUWM Milwaukee Public Radio
COA Youth and Family Centers
Milwaukee Film
Miller Lite Ride for the Arts
Milwaukee River Basin Partnership